How To Start A Bullet Journal

Falling down the rabbit hole of the online bullet journal community can be overwhelming. I got lost amongst all the beautiful layouts and creative ideas, that I ended up thinking, oh no, where do I start my new bullet journal? I’ve forgotten how I begun! You start one page at a time, and this is

The bullet journal community

The first thing I did when I found out about bullet journaling was devour everything related to it online. And I found a beautiful, massive online community. If you’re starting out, I recommend joining up a few in whichever social media you hang out at, but be careful not to get overwhelmed. Practice with the

What is a bullet journal

I randomly came across the concept of a bullet journal on 7th December 2015. I know the date because I have emails from that date telling all my friends, family and colleagues about it because I thought it was so amazing I had to share immediately. I was so excited I think everyone should know about this

The Two Things To Make Life Awesome

I’ve learned from most of my favourite bloggers that the best way to improve your life is: Be grateful for what you have Make the choice to enjoy where you are They both go hand in hand. Recently, Tonya Leigh posted “How To Bloom Where You Are”, which to me reminded me that I have