The Two Things To Make Life Awesome

I’ve learned from most of my favourite bloggers that the best way to improve your life is:

  1. Be grateful for what you have
  2. Make the choice to enjoy where you are

They both go hand in hand. Recently, Tonya Leigh posted “How To Bloom Where You Are”, which to me reminded me that I have to appreciate where I am and make the most of it.

I’ve been decorating my room with things I like; whenever I see something that is slightly on the expensive side, my childhood upbringing and broke-student days would hesitate until I reminded myself I am now a working woman with decent income and I want this and, yes, it’s not necessary but it is beautiful and will make my room, my sanctuary, a much happier, more pleasant place to be in. So I go for it now.

Yesterday I had my tooth extracted. It took longer than expected and I was sure the dentist would break my lower jaw with the force he was holding against it for leverage to pull out my broken back tooth. To not focus on the pain (despite local anaesthetic) I focused on instead thanking that tooth, the many years of service it had given me despite being crippled by an infection 14 years ago, and bid it goodbye.

The more I read about personal development from insightful people that I admire, the more those themes are recurring – from Danielle La Porte whose core desired feelings is centred around choosing to feel good no matter what task you’re doing, the scientific research backed up by Happier Human and Eric Barker and of course Tonya’s elegant posts.

And so I remind myself to keep practicing those two things.